With XZipit the possibilities are endless! With our patented interchangeable panel technology, you can personalize all your XZipit furnishings with a wide array of logo panel designs from sports to entertainment - personal or corporate. Change your logo panels as the seasons or your tastes change. Looks great with or without a logo panel.

XZipit Panels are interchangeable logo panels that easily zip into and out of all XZipit furnishings! XZipit panels are designed and created in-house with high quality embroidering averaging 70,000 stitches (a patch has approximately 5,000). All XZipit panels come with a Limited Warranty >

XZipit brand is licensed by DreamSeats, LLC, an official licensee of:
XZipit Brand is officially Licensed by MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, CFL, MLS, NASCAR, ESPN, FORD, MARVEL
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personalized panels

*Special offer only available on this purchase order. Not valid on previous and/or future orders. Does not apply with gift cards. Cannot be combined with any current special. All XZipit panels come with a Limited Warranty >